Saturday, April 11, 2009

The legend grows...

In a surprise move, the fans have written with a lot of new Anthony Morrow facts.  Clearly the legend is growing.  Here's one last installment for this season (unless Am-Mo goes for 50 or something in the last couple of games).

FACT: Obama was bowing to Anthony Morrow. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: What is the sound of one hand clapping? Anthony Morrow applauding himself with his left hand as he knocks down jumpers with his right hand...............from half court. (Slam, RealGM)

FACT: Halley's Comet only comes once every 75 years because it's too scared to face Anthony Morrow. (Slam, RealGM)

FACT: Jason Kapono showed Sports Science that he could get a jumper off in 0.22 seconds. Anthony Morrow doesn't get out of bed for anything less than 0.11 seconds. (Slam, RealGM)

FACT: Anthony Morrow missed a jump shot once..................and then God created man. (Slam, RealGM)

FACT: Anthony Morrow doesn't play in the NBA. The NBA exists because of Anthony Morrow. (Slam, RealGM)

FACT: Anthony Morrow doesn't really like shooting jumpers - he just needs something to do with his spare time when he is not saving the world. (Slam, RealGM)

FACT: The NBA will be officially changing the term "jump shot" to "Morrow shot" as of the 2009/2010 season and beyond. (Slam, RealGM)

FACT: Anthony Morrow only shoots three pointers because there aren't full court 12 pointers. (Slam, RealGM)

Monday, January 5, 2009

they still suck

Not even Anthony Morrow's hot shooting tonight can make me want to write a fact. Remember the scene in Major League when the Indians win a couple of games and they cut to the grounds keepers who mutter in some other language, "They're still s****". Well, that's how I feel about this team, except we didn't even win. Let me save everyone time:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Warriors vs Bulls

FACT: Anthony Morrow didn't come back to earth. The earth came back to him.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anthony Morrow Facts: Nov 21, 2008

BONUS: A couple of Jamal Crawford trade facts to start...

FACT: As a rookie hazing ritual, Al Harrington once asked Anthony Morrow to carry his bags. Al Harrington now plays for the Knicks. Anthony Morrow carries teams, not bags. (Ray, San Francisco)

FACT: Jamal Crawford demanded to be traded to Golden State so that he'd never have to guard Anthony Morrow. (Ray, San Francisco)


FACT: In 2002, Anthony Morrow was on a basketball court with Saddam Husein and Osama Bin Laden. He had a gun with two bullets. He shot a three pointer, twice. (me)

FACT: Anthony Morrow did not go undrafted because no team wanted him. Like Bill Clinton and Muhammed Ali, Anthony Morrow refused to take part in the draft process. (Ray, San Francisco)

FACT: Anthony Morrow watches tapes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to see what it would be like to be a lesser player. (Solid Snake,

FACT: Kobayashi once tried to threaten Anthony Morrow into missing a shot. Morrow said, “I am Keyser Soze,” then swished it. (Geoff Lepper,

FACT: Anthony Morrow strapped on roller skates, skated up to Baron Davis, and beat him down like Bob Probert. Then he took his radio. (AllGo, Belmont CA)

FACT: Anthony Morrow doesn't own a car because when you can shoot like Anthony Morrow, why would you ever drive? (Erik, San Francisco)

Anthony Morrow Facts: Nov 20, 2008, Part 2

FACT: Al Harrington tried to block one of Morrow's jump shot, and is mysteriously on IL since. (gswfan4ever,

FACT: Rick Barry admits that Anthony Morrow is better than him. (Years and Counting!!!,

FACT: When Anthony Morrow performs Lebron's "powder" trick all the particles end up going through the net. (gswfan4ever,

FACT: Anthony Morrow wears his headband by tossing it up 26 feet into air and it'd ALWAYS end up perfectly on his head. (gswfan4ever,

FACT: Anthony Morrow only averaged 14.3 ppg at Georgia Tech because he wanted to be the greatest undrafted player ever. (Pointman,

FACT: Anthony Morrow can shoot even in a Warrior uniform. (gswfan4ever,

FACT: Anthony Morrow's jumper is so pure, he has to cut it with baking soda... (Years and Counting!!!,

FACT: Before Anthony Morrow was born, there were only 25 letters in the alphabet: ABCDEFGHIKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. (Ray, San Francisco)

FACT: Anthony Morrow will bailout the economy when he's good and ready. (Pointman,

FACT: Anthony Morrow became self-aware at 2:14am EDT August 29, 1997. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: Humans can drink their own urine three times before they die. Anthony Morrow can drink his own urine eleven times before he gets annoyed and takes your Gatorade. (live,

FACT: Oprah calls Anthony Morrow for advice on her show. (SleepBFree,

FACT: The NBA was going to move the 3pt line back 2 feet, but when David Stern saw Morrow, he said "What's the point?" (Years and Counting!!!,

FACT: The swish sound of one of Anthony Morrow's jumpers turned Robert Rowell and Chris Mullin into buddies. (gswfan4ever,

FACT: Anthony Morrow had what Meg Ryan was having in When Harry Met Sally. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: Anthony Morrow never has to hurry at the end of quarters because time itself waits for him. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: Seismologists predict there's a 46% chance Morrow might miss another jumper within next 30 years. (gswfan4ever,

FACT: Dinosaur nests look exactly like basketball hoops. Anthony Morrow caused the Dinosaur's mass extinction. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: Anthony Morrow makes everyone on agree. (gswfan4ever,

FACT: While NIKE's busy telling us JUST DO IT, Anthony Morrow JUST DID IT. (Steven L.,

FACT: During a jump ball, Anthony Morrow can tip the ball to the rim and score. (believe,

FACT: Anthony Morrow once predicted a basket at the end of the game down 1. The refs, fans, and opposing team all left the gym and said why waste time? (EastBayWarrior,

FACT: Anthony Morrow once lost in a game of H-O-R-S-E by one shot to Larry Bird. It was December of 1985 and he was less then 2 month old. (Israeli warriors,

FACT: Mark Cuban was just indicted for illegally adding Anthony Morrow to his fantasy team. (stick_doggie_dog,

FACT: Everyone still agrees when Win2010 says Morrow is a great player for the 10000th time. (gswfan4ever,

FACT: When Anthony Morrow catches a cold, he shoots it. (believe,

FACT: By the time a frozen turkey leaves Anthony Morrow's hands, it's cooked and ready to eat. (joker23,

FACT: Barack Obama has named Anthony Morrow Secretary of Offense. (jonesbball,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anthony Morrow Facts: Nov 20, 2008, Part 1

Thanks again to WarriorsWorld for a lot of good stuff. (note, I've gotten sick of writing, "" and will just write "" for now on).

FACT: When Anthony Morrow misses a shot, ESPN's ticker lets you know about it. (Steven L.,

FACT: Anthony Morrow shot JR. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: Nihilists care about Anthony Morrow. A lot. (live,

FACT: Agent Smith now realizes that the sound of inevitability is the swish of an Anthony Morrow shot. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: Newton was inspired by an Anthony Morrow 3 pointer. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: People yell out "Kobe!" when they shoot the J. Kobe yells out "Morrow!" (daddy,

FACT: Dutch newspapers refuse to print cartoons of Anthony Morrow. (live,

FACT: Anthony Morrow was disqualified from competing in the 2009 3-point shooting contest. And won. (Chris C,

FACT: When Chuck Norris crossed Anthony Morrow's path, Morrow ripped his head off and shot it in for three. (anonymous)

FACT: Anthony Morrow is the all time Operation champion. He never touches the sides. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: Anthony Morrow may need to bail out the US Treasury. (live,

FACT: Anthony Morrow recreated Beethoven's 9th Symphony using a Nerf Vortex Howler and a stick of orbit gum. (Chris C,

FACT: Bear Sterns shorted Anthony Morrow. (live,

FACT: Every time Anthony Morrow takes a jump shot, a kitten is born. (Method,

FACT: Even on opposite day, Anthony Morrow still doesn't miss. (live,

FACT: Anthony Morrow lost "The Contest" on Seinfeld because he couldn't stop stroking it. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: Anthony Morrow thinks shooter's rolls are God's way of teaching people how he feels. (Chris C,

FACT: There are actually 3 certainties in life: death, taxes, and Anthony Morrow's jumpshot. (Ryan, San Jose)

FACT: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The shortest distance between 3 points is Anthony Morrow. (Ryan, San Jose)

FACT: Anthony Morrow can take a piss from 26 feet and not miss a single drop. (Isreali Warriors)

FACT: Anthony Morrow defeated the Trojans in a game of HORSE. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: The net touches Anthony Morrow's J only because of Bernoulli's principle. (ktwo,

FACT: Sarah Palin doesn't have to get back to you about Anthony Morrow's points per game. (live,

FACT: If by some space-time paradox, Anthony Morrow were to play himself in HORSE, he'd win. Period. (Chris C,

FACT: Usain Bolt runs like Anthony Morrow. (live,

FACT: There is no such thing as global warming. Anthony Morrow has just been shooting all this time. (Chris C,

FACT: Simon & Garfunkel wrote the Sound of Silence in the gym where Morrow was shooting. (DorkyGeek,

FACT: Morrow's front teeth separated to give his tongue a clear view of the ball going through the net. (DorkyGeek,

FACT: Mr. T does not pity Anthony Morrow. (The Big Rebounder)

FACT: To tout its accuracy, Google has decided to rename its search engine Morrow. (DorkyGeek,

FACT: Anthony Morrow's first job was as a paperboy. We now call it the internet. (Chris C,

FACT: The Big Bang is not a theory, it was Anthony Morrow shooting for the stars and missing. Once. (Chris C,

FACT: FACT: Baron Davis once looked into Anthony Morrow's eyes, he woke up a week later a Clipper. (stephenljackson,

FACT: Anthony Morrow one-shotted Kil'Jaeden. The shot went on to kill the Wrath of the Lich King bosses. (ktwo,

FACT: Anthony Morrow will be the face of the new $3.00 bill. (believe,

FACT: Anthony Morrow is the Warrior's bailout plan. (IslandWarrior,

FACT: Anthony Morrow lives by one rule: If you can't beat him, he's Anthony Morrow. (Chris C,

FACT: Anthony Morrow sleeps with his eyes open....and swishes 3s with his eyes closed. (IshWarrior,

FACT: Anthony Morrow is so HOT that Ron Jeremy is contemplating gay porn. (crossuover2k,

FACT: After seeing Anthony Morrow, Gatorade admits that the slogan "Be like Mike" was a mistake. (crossuover2k,

FACT: Stuart Scott follows Anthony Morrow with both eyes. (live,

Anthony Morrow Facts: Nov 19, 2008 Part 2

Special thanks to for a lot of these...

FACT: Anthony Morrow now shoots the Warriors technical free throws - from the three point line... of the opposing team...backwards...with his eyes closed. (live and The Big Rebounder and IslandWarrior and daddy,

FACT: On the first day, God created light. On the second day, Anthony Morrow shot the lights out. (live,

FACT: "The Most Interesting Man in the World" has gone on record saying: "I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I drink it with Anthony Morrow." (Jesse, San Diego)

FACT: Anthony Morrow can put a dime in a parking meter from 15 feet. (Billy Hoyle,

FACT: The arc on Anthony Morrow's shot directly reflects the golden ratio. (Billy Hoyle,

FACT: Anthony Morrow impregnates women from a range of 26 feet. And it's always triplets. (The Big Rebounder and underdog,

FACT: Anthony Morrow hits the net so often it wants to cuddle with him after the game. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: Anthony Morrow is the best in-your-face shooter since Dick Cheney. (ali hoop,

FACT: Anthony Morrow only steps on the court because scoring 40 on the bench didn't seem sporting. (audiotistic,

FACT: Anthony Morrow was born on the grassy knoll. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: The net at Oracle Arena has filed assault charges against Anthony Morrow. (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: You can't draft Anthony Morrow. You can only hope to contain him. (live,

FACT: Only Dick Cheney is a better face up shooter than Anthony Morrow. (Method,

FACT: Anthony Morrow looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes and saw three letters: L O L. (live,

FACT: Anthony Morrow gave birth to triplets. 14 times. (Chris C,

FACT: Anthony Morrow was actually drafted first overall. He burned his draft card and took off for Frisco. (live,

FACT: If you try rearranging the letters in Anthony Morrow... he'll fucking break you (Method,

FACT: Anthony Morrow does not know the meaning of the word brick. (daddy,

FACT: Anthony Morrow does not need the magnets. (Chris C,

FACT: An Anthony Morrow jumpshot is the only thing that can escape from a black hole (Which is why Azubuike passes to him). (The Big Rebounder,

FACT: Anthony Morrow's team is always last in the league in offensive rebounds. (live,

FACT: Anthony Morrow doesn't dunk... because it only counts as two points. (daddy,

FACT: Anthony Morrow can't see your hand, he only sees net. (waazup,

FACT: A missed shot by Anthony Morrow can cure cancer. Too bad he doesn't miss. (waazup,

FACT: Anthony Morrow's mother felt no pain during birth. He doesn't hit rims. (Chris C,

FACT: There was one WMD in Iraq, but Anthony Morrow decided to go to college. (stephenljackson,

FACT: Anthony Morrow taught Antoine Walker that there are in fact 4's. (Chris C,

FACT: Anthony Morrow fired Robert Rowell for salary protection. (live,

FACT: Anthony Morrow will make David Stern add 4 pt line. (Warrior Homer,

FACT: Anthony Morrow is what Willis was talking about. (San Ramon Warrior,

FACT: They left out the chapter about Anthony Morrow in the book of Revelations. (stephenljackson,

FACT: Anthony Morrow can shoot a square peg into a round hole. (live,

FACT: Anthony Morrow once missed a shot in practice.... the stock market dropped 500 points. (DorkyGeek,

FACT: Anthony Morrow makes Steve Nash's free-throw shooting look like Shaq's. (daddy,

FACT: Anthony Morrow has sued Better Basketball for patent infringement. (Chris C,

FACT: As a child, Anthony Morrow always wanted to play with the big boys. God. (Chris C,

FACT: The housing market collapsed because Anthony Morrow decided to live in a hotel. (stephenljackson,